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XLRibbon Products:

MyExcelWorld - Custom Ribbon Tab For Microsoft Excel

The Most of Powerful Features of "MyExcelWorld Ribbon Tab" general working scope as following:
1) Works instantly in Big Range(s) (for ex: over million cells);
2) Protected sheets;
3) Filtered Ranges/Visible cells only
4) Merged cells;
5) Non-continuous Ranges/Multi-Ranges;
6) Undo instantly and etc.

List of UDFs'


= CellFormula ()

Shows cell formula. Range supported

= Convert2Date ()

Recognizes date formats according to the local settings of your system. Range supported

= CountByCellColor ()

Count cells based on cell color

= CountByFontColor ()

Count cells based on font color

= DistinctCount ()

Unique list count

= DistinctList ()

Get distinct array list of your selected range/ranges. ByColumns: type - True or 1 to get the result by columns or left blank or type 0 (or type False) to get the result by rows. Multi-range supported. Apply more ranges with brackets like this: (A1:A10,C1:C10,F5:F15)

= GetCellComment ()

Shows cell comment text

= GoogleTranslate ()

Translate text from any language to any. For example: if you want to translate the text from English to Russian then you should type for TranslateFrom "en"  and for TranslateTo "ru" and etc. By default it'll detect the text language automatically and translate into English.

= HasFormula ()

If the cell contains any formula. Returns True or False. Range supported


This function desired to consider cell value as blank - after converting the cell formula (which result is blank) to its actual value. Standard ISBLANK() formula will consider this result as non blank cell. Range supported

= IsCellVisible ()

Check if cell is visible. Returns True or False. Range supported

= NumberToWord ()

Convert numbers to words untill quadrillion. For ex: 15.25 - fifteen dollars and twenty five cents or fifteen dollars and 25 cents

= ReverseText ()

Reverse the text. (for ex: excel -> lecxe)

= SentenceCase ()

Convert text to Sentence case. Range supported

= SheetNames ()

Get array list of the sheets in active workbook. ByColumns: type - True or 1 to get the result by columns or left blank or type 0 (or type False) to get the result by rows

= VlookupX ()

As you know Vlookup() function allows us to find the first one from the list. But VlookupX() function will allow to find N-th ones. By default Nth_criteria equals to zero and by default the function will find you the last criteria. Type 1 to find the first, type 2 to find the second, type 3 to find third and so on... Also it works even when your desired result is on the left side (for Result_Col_Num: type 0 to get the result from the first leftmost column, type -1 to get the result from the second leftmost column and so on...). For the rightmost column result type from 2 and so on (because the 1 is your criteria column)

= SQRT2 ()

Finding the nth root of a number. Just specify number and root

= SumByCellColor ()

Sum cells based on cell color

= SumByFontColor ()

Sum cells based on font color

= ExtractX ()

Extract desired Nth word from the text string. Nth value is optional. Default value is 0 and it'll find the last word.

= JoinCells ()

Combines the text from multiple ranges and includes a delimiter you specify between each text value that will be combined. By default Separator is ",". By default IgnoreEmpty is True to ignore blanks cells.

= CBAR_Rates ()

This function desired to retrieve AZN currency rates from the official site of The Central Bank of Azerbaijan Republic according for the given date and currency name. For example: type USD to get United States dollar, type EUR to get Euro, type RUB to get Russian rubl and etc.
Note: If errors occurred during obtaining the data from the web simply press F9 (Calculation) to fix it.

For now it supports: English, Azerbaijan, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese languages.
Switch instantly any of them whenever you want.

Upcoming supported languages are: French, German,  Italian, Polish, Dutch and Japanese.

NOTE: System requirements Excel 2007 or later, Windows


One Perpetual License Only for $33 Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by XLRibbon.

Buy Once, Use Forever.
Free Upgrade and Support for 1 Year.
Free 24x7 Web Email Support Service.

The percentage discounts for Number of License:

  • For 1 license 0% discount $33
  • For 2 license 10% discount $29.70 
  • For 3 license 15% discount $28.05
  • For 4 license 20% discount $26.40
  • For 5-20 license 25% discount $24.75
  • For 21-49 license 35% discount $21.45
  • For 50-99 license 40% discount $19.80
  • For 100-249 license 50% discount $16.50
  • For 250-499 license 60% discount $13.20
  • For 500-999 license 70% discount $9.90
  • For 1000 or more license 80% discount $6.60
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